Color Creek Ranch
Producer of Registered Katahdin Hair Sheep
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Katahdin Hair Sheep is an American Heritage Breed.  The breed was originally developed on the Piel Farm in north central Maine near Mount Katahdin. Katahdin are a non-wool breed that require no shearing.  They are a hardy breed with good flocking instincts and high fertility.  The meat is mild in flavor and very nutritious and delicious!
Katahdin ewes exhibit strong maternal instincts and produce a sufficient milk supply to raise twins and triplets.  Katahdin posses a high rate of lamb survival and fertility.

Katahdin are docile and have a quiet disposition.  They make good pets and are easy to handle. 

The Katahdin coat is free from wool fibers and comes in many different colors, from pure white to brown and spotted. 

Lambs grow and mature rapidly to an acceptable market weight.  The meat maintains a mild flavor well past the lamb stage.    

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